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Muslims are the cleanest people on the earth .... Why ? ... for example : How many time you clean your Ears in the Month !??

1 or 2 times in the month ...hehehe .... we clean our Ears 5 times in the day!! then ... we're The Cleanest!!

Islam ( Command us) to be clean all the time ... from anything not like you!!! ...

Denmark Please Respect All Prophets Of GOD " Allah "

Like : Prophet Noah, Prophet Abraham, Prophet Moses, Prophet Jesus & Prophet Mohammed


1.5 billion Muslims are insulted by 'Jyllands Posten' !

We were considering Denmark one of the most peaceful people in the world ... and one of the countries that respect all religions . but what was published in Jyllands-Posten in 30-9-2005 is non acceptable by any Muslim all over the world ... and it has no relation with freedom of opinion !!!

We were deeply shocked seeing a Danish newspaper ( Jyllands Posten ) offending almost 1.5 billion Muslims around the world by publishing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed seen as a terrorist carrying bombs on his head! This is not just offending Muslims, it is also offending the whole world, since Prophets of God are messengers of peace that came to spread peace and good well to all people this includes as well: Prophet Noah, Prophet Abraham, Prophet Moses, Prophet Jesus, .. etc.

I just wonder, would your government reaction have been the same if the cartoon displayed Prophets Jesus or Moses!? I don't think so ... We have always viewed Denmark as a peaceful country that respects all people around the world. I am afraid the latest events have corrupted this image, not just in the eyes of Muslims but also around the world. Danish products have always been in our shopping lists. I am afraid, this might change if Danish government continues to react in a negative manner as it did so far

We still expect that your kind government will react positively to this insult by banning this cartoon and asking the newspaper to publish an apology to all Muslims

Awaiting your kind actions !


. Please Try to Understand Islam .





To Anyone work for Hacking Those Unrespectable "Denmark" for Allah Prophets ... Like: Prophet Noah, Prophet Abraham, Prophet Moses , Prophet Jesus & Prophet Mohammed

1.5 Billion People follow Prophet "Mohammed" !! .

 And any one volunteer to Delete  "Denmark" , "Norge" ," Italy " And all of the "European countries"  that mock prophet Mohamed from The Earth !

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[ This is our message to all world countries, that it respects the prophet Mohamed and all noble prophets ]

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